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I like to wrap gifts. I buy pretty paper on super sale after Christmas, and hoard it until the time comes to use it. However, sometime i run out of paper, and its 3 in the morning and Target has the audacity to be closed. Or frankly, some things don’t get my pretty wrapping paper. So for those times, I like to use what I happen to have on hand. In this case, its magazines.

So here’s a quick 1,2,3 on making wrapping paper out of magazines.

1, 2, 3

1.) All you need is pages from a magazine, A glue stick and scissors to smooth the edges if the pages are raggedy from being torn out, like mine. I found a few pages of the same color. Sometimes i like to use pictures from the same photo shoots in fashion magazines as they tend to create a cohesive picture, but this time, i was going for the color – Carmex yellow!

2.) Glue the edges of the paper together. There should only be a tiny bit of overlap. Let dry.

3.) Wrap your gift.

I also made that bow from a tutorial i found on pinterest, also from a page in a magazine.

So, there you have it. Super easy, a little more fun than newspaper, particularly if you’re like me, and haven’t seen a real newspaper in a couple of years.