I am originally from Chicago. I lived in Massachusetts, and now Gilbert, Arizona. I prefer Chicago, but I have kids to raise, and that’s easier to do without the haze of gun smoke. 

 When grief-stricken Jennifer Hudson’s song bellows, “Where You At?” I reply, “Behind that preposition.” You shoulda been a dolphin, Jennifer. Am I a grammar nazi? No…not unless I’m losing the argument. 

 My husband told me that I don’t feel guilty about things because I have no soul. That’s not true. It’s just very, very small. 

 This is what I look like. I find grainy cell phone pics taken in my work cubicle to be the most flattering…


Yes, my head really is THAT big.

That was sarcasm. I wish desperately for a universally identifiable “sarcasm” font. 

 I am an INTJ, with heavy emphasis on the “I” and the “J.”

Sometimes I say things that make people feel very, very uncomfortable. I attribute that to the fact that I am sometimes oblivious to social cues. I hope you’re prepared for that, and aren’t made when I offer one of those, “I’m sorry you’re offended” apologies. (Cause that not really an apology…*sarcasm font*) To compensate, I give really good gifts… 


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