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I am in possession of a little person. She is very small, and sometimes, very mean. But she smiles all the time (even when she is being mean), and even if she refuses to use the potty, she’s still really, really fun.

After being inspired by an episode of Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch (be good to bugs), My Little Person decided she’d like a garden. Well, why do you think I bought this house walking distance from a Home Depot AND a Target, Little Person?

So here is what we used for our lovely garden, which cost us about $8.00 total, including tools, seeds, and flowers.

The only tools we really needed…

You also need a little person. If you don’t have a little person, you can borrow one, or you can rent mine for $19, $21 on Sundays.

We picked up some flowers from The Home Depot and started digging holes. It was during this process that I discovered that I am really good at digging holes, and My Little Person is really good at filling them up… And make sure you add some water.


 Little people are really good at watering things.

   Welcome to our garden 🙂